” Happiness is a State of Mind ” ( Myrhen B. Legara )

People will do anything to get it. It is the primary purpose of living .

What is it ??? HAPPINESS

We live in a world of billion of humans , each one searching in his own way for that happiness , they believe , it will make their life worthwhile. Yet it is really amazing that there are few people can truthfully say that they are truly happy.

Perhaps it is because people do not really understand what happiness is all about. There are people who believe happiness is a thing. The more things one acquires , the happier one will be. Well , that is what they expect . And they are still searching for the true meaning of happiness.

Then , there are people who think that happiness is a place. They believe that if they only could go to their favorite places or perhaps they could travel the whole wide world they could truly find their happiness there. But then again that’s wrong.

Others believe that happiness is a person. If only they can marry a rich , attractive beauty of a person , they believe that their happiness would be complete.

“HAPPINESS” is not a thing , a place , nor a person. What it is then ??? I say it is a STATE OF MIND !!!

There are people who are poor but very happy. I know that people who live in a squatters area they are also happy because in my own self or in my own lives i live also in a squatters area we are happily living , as long as we eat three times a day and we are complete in our family we are happy because we are contented of what we have and who we are now. And there some individual who are happily married to a person who are not so beautiful or have perfect face because as we all know there are no ugly person physically because we are made by the image and likeness of God. There some individual who are beautiful , rich , and etc. but they have a bad attitude and have a high pride they are the ugly persons actually.

What all have in common is ” CONTENTMENT”.

This is the secret recipe of happy living here on earth. To be content. If you are contented of what you have or who you are now you already found your great happiness.


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